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Defining Moments

August 19, 2020

Growing up, I had an interesting relationship with money – I liked having it but didn’t like all of the work I had to do to earn it. Thankfully, my parents provided my siblings and me plenty of “opportunities” to make it by working at their rental properties – mowing, cleaning, and painting. Those opportunities evolved into jobs as a dishwasher, a fast food employee, and a carpenter. Looking back, I’m grateful for the valuable skills I learned in those jobs. I also learned that the harder I worked, the more I valued what I earned and wanted to ensure I used it wisely. This started my journey which included tracking stocks like IBM and Winnebago at age 10, becoming an avid reader of The Wall Street Journal in college, an accounting degree, an MBA in Finance, and ultimately my career choice.

In reflection, it seems pretty obvious what has driven my passion for money, investing, and planning. What were your experiences with money and finances when you were growing up?  Can you recall those defining moments in your life?  Being self-aware of your own experiences can enable you to move in a positive direction, improve decision making, and achieve your financial goals.  I look forward to learning about your defining moments the next time we get together.