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Charting the Course

No single strategy fits everyone, which is why every client gets our undivided attention - from planning to execution to follow-up. We help our clients determine what their destination looks like, evaluate the best way to get there, monitor the progress, and adjust the course as needed.

Introduction & Discovery

We aren’t going to talk just numbers. A great financial advisor gets to know his/her clients before numbers come into play. We want to understand your expectations and concerns and combine that with a deep understanding of your resources. Whether you're developing your vision for the future or planning to retire soon, we will help you chart your course.

Data Gathering

This is when we dig into the numbers – risk tolerance, tax returns, investment accounts, estate plans, etc. We want to know your financial history and current capabilities. Putting this information together with your goals will enable us to build your plan for a successful retirement. 


With a thorough understanding of your goals and resources, we create your personalized financial plan. This plan will help you optimize your financial decisions and improve your probability of achieving your goals.


Once we’ve determined your course, it is time to put things in motion. As with all journeys, there can be changes in direction or destinations.  We will consistently monitor your plan and make adjustments to reflect major life changes or market factors.